Alone to the Top


Reflections on the way up to Taglang La.

Having done an impromptu stop at Rumtse, I started early in the morning for the climb up to Taglang La (pass).

At an altitude of 17,480 ft, Taglang La is the highest pass on Leh-Manali road. Going towards Manali, there is a sharp descent towards Debring and then Moore Plain after the pass.

As I was riding up towards the pass, a cold wind was blowing down. Looking up towards the pass, a lot of snow was visible. Having not seen any other vehicle since morning I was afraid that it had snowed the previous night and roads were snowed it.

This fear did come true and as the road approached the pass, there was a lot of snow on the road. I eventually found a convoy of two oil tankers and followed them, riding on the tire treads of those two for safety.

Picture above is a reflection of the peak ahead on a water puddle on the road. The climb became much tougher after this and the road was completely snowed in.

Technical details: Canon G1X Mk2, F/8, 1/60s, ISO100

Some pictures as I reached closer to the pass:




Sunrise reflecting over a non-descript lake along the NH-209 near Bangalore.
Ride out early in the morning is a hobby of mine which I religiously follow. So when an opportunity came to travel to Mysore for a work trip, decided to ride rather than take the designated transport.
Taking a rather circuitous route I crossed this small lake several Km before the city of Kanakpura. Few Km after I realized that the sun was rising fast and I turned around to witness the sunrise on the other side of the lake.
It was a wise decision and I was greeted by a spectacular sunrise reflecting over the calm waters.
This is a panorama of 6 shots taken vertically and then merged plus processed to taste.

Technical details: F/8, 1/100s, ISO200

Flower Carpet @ Yumthang Valley


A carpet of flowers at the Yumthang Valley with a backdrop of fluttering Buddhist prayer flags.
Come spring and the Yumthang Valley in North Sikkim becomes home to countless wild flowers adorning the valley with all hues of the spectrum. While the slopes of the valley are full of flowering trees and shrubs like Primula and Rhododendrons, it is the river side meadows which accentuate the beauty of the valley. The tiny wild flowers carpet the meadow weaving an intricate pattern of randomness.
As I was walking down the meadow towards the river, the flowers bordered by the prayer flags and a backdrop of smokey mountains presents a beautiful frame just waiting to be captured.

Technical details: F/5.6, 1/320s, ISO200, 21mm

Look This Way


Young boys turning their heads at the call of “look this way” during meal time at a Govt School on the outskirts of Bangalore

In July 2017, I was at a school for a company organized volunteer visit. It was a typical of a small village school with a verandah in front and a row of classes with a few windows.

After the classes the kids sat down on the verandah for the afternoon lunch. It was a great opportunity to take some pictures of a daily activity in a rural school. As I shouted out to grab their attention, many of them turned their heads looking towards me.

Technical details: F/1.8, 1/1250s, ISO200, 45mm
Editing: Lightroom + GIMP (Border/Text)