Zigzagging Through


Tributaries zig zag down the mountain and merge into a larger river

During summer months as the snow melts, it gives rise to numerous rivulets which zigzag down the mountains to form streams and culminate into rivers. The valleys of Zanskar are full of such small streams originating in melting snows .
During summers, a lot of wild life makes these meadows their home due to plentiful grass and water.
While riding through the Suru Valley towards Rangdum, I came across this small valley branching off on the side with several small rivulets zigzagging though the greens.
Technical Details
Camera: Canon G1XMk2
Exposure: 33.7mm, F/4.5, 1/200s, ISO100
Editing: Lightroom + GIMP (Border/Text)

Nature’s Painting


A foot bridge across a river in North Sikkim

North Sikkim with its mountains, valleys, rivers and waterfalls is as picturesque as nature can get. Add to it some human elements like the bridge above and you have the makings of a beautiful landscape photograph.
While driving to Lachen from Gangtok, every turn of the road presented with a beautiful view encompassing these elements of nature. While it was not possible to stop at every point, I took a lot of pictures handheld from the moving vehicle.
The resulting not-so-sharp focus gives the impression of a painting on canvas.
Technical Details
Camera: Olympus E-M10ii
Lens: Olympus M.12-40F2.8
Exposure: 36mm, F/2.8, 1/250s, ISO800
Editing: Lightroom + Gimp (Border)

Adorning the River


Photo of a seasonal stream in the Suru valley of Zanskar region. I had stopped here for a brief moment of rest and to fill a water bottle. Took out the camera after noticing the wild flowers blooming next to the stream.
The camera was placed on a parapet next to the road to allow for the long exposure.
Technical details: Canon G1X Mk2, F/16, 0.8s, ISO100, CPL
Editing: Lightroom + GIMP (Border/Text)