Rising Together


A new day and a new building rises together in a suburb of Bangalore

Technical details: F/5.6, 1/10s, ISO800, 150mm
Editing: Lightroom + GIMP (Border/Text)

Look This Way


Young boys turning their heads at the call of “look this way” during meal time at a Govt School on the outskirts of Bangalore

In July 2017, I was at a school for a company organized volunteer visit. It was a typical of a small village school with a verandah in front and a row of classes with a few windows.

After the classes the kids sat down on the verandah for the afternoon lunch. It was a great opportunity to take some pictures of a daily activity in a rural school. As I shouted out to grab their attention, many of them turned their heads looking towards me.

Technical details: F/1.8, 1/1250s, ISO200, 45mm
Editing: Lightroom + GIMP (Border/Text)

Blurred Memories


The Himalayan peaks of Nun-KunĀ  showing through a fogged window in Rangdun, Zanskar Valley.

Rangdum is a small valley halfway between Kargil and Padum, a town in Zanskar. I did an impromptu stop of two days at the Julidok village which is located next to Suru River.

While it was the peak of summer, it was still cold enough for the windows to get fogged up at night. After a morning walk around the valley taking pictures, I went back to the warmth of my quilt and thorough the window watched the sun slowly bath the valley in light.
Technical details: Canon G1XMk2, 22mm, F/8, 1/125s, ISO100

Editing: Lightroom + GIMP (Border/Text)

Inverted Impressions


Snowy mountains reflecting in a seasonal glacial lake in the Upper Suru Valley.

During summer season, as the snow melts numerous small stream flow down the mountain slopes and create small and large glacial lakes on valley floors. These lakes and the green grass of the meadows attract both humans and animals alike.

While riding through the Suru Valley towards Rangdum, I came across this lake which reflected the beauty of the surroundings.

Technical details: Canon G1XMk2, 17mm, F/8, 1/320s, ISO320
Editing: Lightroom + GIMP (Border/Text)

Fluttering Amidst the Snows


Buddhist prayer flags flutter in the wind above the partly frozen lake surrounded by snow-covered mountains.

Gurudongmar Lake, is one of the highest lakes in the world and is situated in the state of Sikkim in India. The lake, considered sacred by both Buddhists and Hindus, is named after Guru Padmasambhava, founder of Tibetan Buddhism who visited the lake in the 8th century.

This picture was taken on a visit to North Sikkim on a family trip. Around the lake in several places prayer flags were fluttering in the wind. As I walked on a ridge along the lake, the flags with the frozen lake below and snow-capped peaks above presented a very surreal experience.

Technical details: Olympus E-M10ii w/12-40F2.8, F5.6, 1/100s, 12mm, ISO100
Editing: Lightroom + GIMP (Border/Text)