Centuries Old Friendship



A stream flows by the Jageshwar Temple as it has been for centuries maintaining company to the temple and quenching the thirst of countless pilgrims.
At Jageshwar there are a cluster of temples mostly dedicated to Shiv. Located in a narrow valley near Almora, Uttarakhand, the temples date back to 9th century. The valley is covered with dense Deodar forests and is a pleasure to walk along.
During the autumn of 2016,  I was riding out of Nainital and happened to cross the area. Few Km into the Jageshwar valley, I was caught by a sudden thunderstorm. While waiting at a tea shop I noticed the water level rise leading to these mini cascades.
When the rain stopped, I descended down to the stream and made multiple shots, some exposing for the flowing water and others  for the temple and the sky.
The above picture is a digitally blended (traditional name for HDR) composite using the technique explained in LuLa website.

Technical Details

Camera: Olympus E-M10ii
Lens: Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ
Exposure: 14mm, F/22, multiple, ISO100
Editing: Lightroom + GIMP (Border/Text)

Stranded Amidst Beauty



While returning from Leh, got stuck at Pang due to a landslide. It was evening when the road opened. Couple of water crossings later I was soaking wet and freezing. Decided to stay at a tent just before the NakeLa ascent. This remote settlement of a few tents presented me with an amazing sunset.

Picture above is of a seasonal stream called Wiskey Nala. At the back are the temporary huts of BRO workers – unknown workers who keep remote Indian villages and cities connected to rest of the world.

The camera was on a rock next to water
Technical details: Canon G1X Mk2, F/16, 2s, ISO100, CPL
Editing: Lightroom + GIMP (Border/Text)

Adorning the River


Photo of a seasonal stream in the Suru valley of Zanskar region. I had stopped here for a brief moment of rest and to fill a water bottle. Took out the camera after noticing the wild flowers blooming next to the stream.
The camera was placed on a parapet next to the road to allow for the long exposure.
Technical details: Canon G1X Mk2, F/16, 0.8s, ISO100, CPL
Editing: Lightroom + GIMP (Border/Text)