13000ft Play

Dhankar Monastery students play cricket on a helipad at 13000ft, overlooking the Spiti river.

Dhankar Monastery is located about 9 Km from the main Kaza-Tabo highway. The road rises steeply through a series of switchbacks gaining an altitude of 1500ft within a few km.  Halfway up is this helipad, probably built when the Dalai Lama visited Dhankar Monastery, overlooking the picturesque Spilit river valley.

While riding up towards Dhankar, I found this group of monastery students playing cricket at an altitude where even walking fast is a struggle. Having adequate time on my hand, I sat down on a stone nearby and watched a few overs of the game, leaving only when the ball over the cliff on the other end. As I resumed my ride towards the monastery, the youngest of the lot (one sitting near  the bowler) was dispatched to fetch the wall from somewhere down below.

Technical details: Olympus E-M10ii + 14-42mm, F/7.1, 1/320s, ISO200

Spiti Valley Ride Travelog:


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