Chasing the Sun

Sun rises through the mist on one of the back-roads of Bangalore

I love riding out to the back-roads on winter mornings. The villages are just waking up, smell of the smoke is in the air and the sun is peeping though the mist. The stillness of the morning, the slow smoke that rises and then hangs in the air and the motion of the people just starting to go about their day’s business, all come together to create a slow rhythm to the morning which we city dwellers often yearn for.
The picture above is on the outskirts of Bangalore where I paused for a few minutes to enjoy such a morning.
Technical Details
Camera: Canon G1XMk2
Exposure: 12.5mm, F/5.6, 1/640s, ISO100
Editing: Lightroom + GIMP (Border/Text)

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