Nature’s Painting

A foot bridge across a river in North Sikkim

North Sikkim with its mountains, valleys, rivers and waterfalls is as picturesque as nature can get. Add to it some human elements like the bridge above and you have the makings of a beautiful landscape photograph.
While driving to Lachen from Gangtok, every turn of the road presented with a beautiful view encompassing these elements of nature. While it was not possible to stop at every point, I took a lot of pictures handheld from the moving vehicle.
The resulting not-so-sharp focus gives the impression of a painting on canvas.
Technical Details
Camera: Olympus E-M10ii
Lens: Olympus M.12-40F2.8
Exposure: 36mm, F/2.8, 1/250s, ISO800
Editing: Lightroom + Gimp (Border)

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