Drive-by Blessings


A truck  stops to allow its passengers take blessings from the gods.
One one of my bike rides towards Dhimbam Ghats, I took an alternate route via a Tibetan settlement called Odayarpalya. Late morning the spring weather was beautiful and the heat was still not a problem.
I stopped on the side of the road admiring the rolling hills and serenity of the moment. Suddenly a truck rose out of a dip on the road and stopped in front of the three Gompas. The occupants bowed to the gods seeking blessings.
It must’ve taken me around half a minute to pull out the camera and point towards the truck. By that time I had missed the heads bowed in devotion and the truck’s quick stop was over.

As the truck  crossed me, it stopped again trying to figure out what I was doing on that lonely stretch of back road. A nod, a smile, a friendly wave and both parties moved on in opposite directions.

Technical Details
Camera: Canon G1XMk2
Exposure: 55mm, F/7.1, 1/3200s, ISO400
Editing: Lightroom + Photoshop (Border/Text)

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